Tailoring Global MDG Water Supply and Sanitation Targets and Indicators to Local Conditions in ECA (GEORGIA, TAJIKISTAN, ALBANIA)

This situation is predominantly affected by high level of infrastructure deterioration which outcome is massive water losses and often accompanied with intrusion of wastewaters, therefore causing pollution of potable water. Investments needed in both water and sanitation for the next 10 coming years for matching with EU standards are estimated at 150-170 Million US dollars, at least three times far from what has been financed up to now. Largely the situation is aggravated as result of illegal connections mostly related to uncontrolled rural to urban migration and establishment of peri-urban settlements, unstable supply patterns and differed maintenance and shortages in capital investments.

“Supervision and test of construction work” Manual

The Manual sets some standards for supervising and the monitoring, as well as the testing of construction works and also taking in charge the infrastructure projects (public works) according to the legislation and the best practice.

Public Procedurment Manual

This manual has been designed by the Urban Research Institute and approved by the Ministry of Local Government and Decentralization in Albania.

“Performance measurement for servicies offered by Public Local Government”

The study is focused on the measurement of performance in the public sector, and its importance on new developments that are associated to Albania.

Inventory and Ownership transfer of Public Properties to Local Government Units

The purpose of this manual is to assist to local government unites, through procedures that will be described below, in the process of identification, inventory and the transfer of public property. The manual does not attempt to treat activities after transfer, since the process of registration, following the transfer, has already been exhausted by the law and relevant regulations.

“Civil Participation” Manual

The activities of this project aimed at ensuring citizen participation and support for the establishment of new tariffs of public services, in particular cleaning and water fees. These fees are set based on the estimated cost by the local government units. During discussions in the cities where such project were implemented, was discussed about the feedback that citizens would have because of the increased tariffs and options of their involvement in these processes.