URI is one of the first organizations in Albania experienced in technical assistance to national and local institutions for a wide range of sustainable development issues. URI’s research work on environmental issues, especially related to waste management has contributed to the introduction of alternative and sustainable solutions for communities in various municipaliies in the country.
Mihallaq Qirjo   |   Deputy Executive Director, Environmental Policy Directorate
Over the last 10 years I have had the opportunity to know the work of the staff at the Urban Research Institute: dedicated professionals with impartial stand, active participants in important developments of the country, such as the Administrative and Territorial Reform and the National Decentralization Strategy. 2014
Bledar Çuçi   |   Minister of State for Local Issues
Significant is the fact that, despite difficulties encountered over the implementation of “ArTVision. A live art Channel”, considering its international dimension and complexity, their good management and persistence towards the supervisory authorities made it possible to achieve a final level of realization of 98% on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, constituting a successful story for projects of similar magnitude. 2016
Mirela Kumbaro  |   Minster of Culture
URI as a partner and valuable consultant, is characterised by professionalism and fairness in the development of local development projects and delivery of final products. 2014
Viktor Tusha   |   Mayor of Lezha Muncipality