Other Public Services

Improving local services with the participation of qualified observers

This project implemented in the municipality served not only to improve the method of budgeting with the participation of citizens, but of all the analytical documentation of actual quality assessment and clearing roads to every village, stating the basis of the outcome indicators that will help staff for setting clear objectives during the budgeting process based on the basis of performance management.

Building up capacities in the local governing units for implementation of new law on local borrowing and administration of local taxes

This project consisted in organization of 2 days training sessions for "Building up capacities in the local governing units for implementation of new law on local borrowing and administration of local taxes" from the Urban Research Institute (URI) in cooperation with Institute for Local and Regional Democracy (ILRD). Realization of this project was funded by Soros foundation.

Strategic Plan for Tourism Development of Qender Commune, Vlora

In January 2009, Qender Commune was involved in the process of drafting the Strategic Plan for Tourism Development to define a clear vision for the future of the commune and to plan the action steps and necessary resources to achieve that vision. Drafting of the Strategic Plan for Tourism Development was accomplished through an open and transparent process, which involved the commune staff, commune council representatives, heads of villages, stakeholders’ focus groups, representatives of business community, citizens, experts of various areas, archeologists, urban planners, historians, and representatives of Vlora Region. Albanian Development Fund (ADF) has funded drafting of the SPTD in the frame of Community Works Project III, while the Urban Research Institute in Tirana has drafted it. The leading philosophy of Qender Commune in this initiative consists in the adoption of the tourism sustainable development approach by paying attention to environment protection.

Promoting Fiscal Transparency in Balkans

This project proposes to work with civil society at both the national and sub-national level. Best practices in fiscal transparency at the local level will be identified and civil society will monitor that mechanisms are put in place to ensure the timely publication of fiscal information.

Local Government Successes in Albania – ICT

The goal of the project was to expose the successful experiences for the 14 participating municipalitites in this project.

Training Delivery for Inventory and Ownership Transfer of Public Properties to Local Government Units

The Urban Institute (UI) and the Agency for Inventory and Transfer of Public Property (AITPP), with the support of the Ministry of Local Government and Decentralization (MoLGD) jointly agreed to work on a pilot project on inventory and transfer of public properties to LG. The project involved seven local government units selected based on several criteria specifically, level of property registration process conducted by immovable Property Registration Offices (IPRO) based in each one of former Districts.

Performance Management of Municipal Services

The project introduced for the first time in Albania the Performance Measurement as a tool for local governments to self – evaluate the performance of public service delivery, regularly track, measure and report service delivery improvement – or decline, and make efficient management decisions on the allocation of budget, technical and human resources. In Albania, service improvement is particularly important because service levels are in general very poor. But local governments have little experience both with citizen outreach and with the freedom to take action to improve the way in which a service is carried out. The action plan following the survey results and set up of performance indicators enabled one group of city staff from each locality to tackle in depth the establishment of a performance management system for their sector, including the development of indicators and plans to improve services based on performance results.