Ongoing Projects

Support to the Municipality of Kukës for the elaboration of Fiscal Package, Annual Budget and Medium Term Budget Program

The objective of the project is to assist Kukës Municipality in the elaboration of the medium term budget program based on the strategic planning documents, along with the preparation of the annual budget and the fiscal package.

Laab Shesh (The Playground) – Creating Organic Spaces as a koine between countries

Tandem is an international exchange programme for cultural managers. Since its inception in 2011, Tandem has supported long-term collaborations, knowledge development and networking opportunities for more than 250 cultural managers from over 130 cities in 35 countries across the wider Europe. Tandem Shaml supports experimental collaborations between cultural change makers from Arab countries and from Europe. For its 4th round, Tandem Shaml offers 16 cultural organisations, 8 from Europe and 8 from Arab countries, the unique opportunity to establish cross-border cooperation links. This exchange and knowledge development programme allows cultural professionals from many different disciplines to acquire skills required for engaging in long-term partnerships. The Tandem process provides hands-on possibilities for getting real insights into European and Arab cultural scenes. Participants gain practical experience by collaborating within rapidly changing fields in both regions.

Local Governance Mapping

STAR2 project is developed in continuity of the results of its predecessor STAR as well as in complementarity with the assistance of various partners for strengthening the institutional and administrative capacities at local level. In full account of these considerations, STAR2 project will have a national coverage and benefit all 61 LGUs, with its assistance designed to unfold along three main components: 1. Strengthening institutional and administrative capacities of LGUs 2. Improving service delivery at LGU level 3. Increasing good governance through citizen oriented and meaningful participatory decision-making.

Sustainable Municipal Services

The purpose of this consultancy assignment is to assist municipalities and GIZ SMS program to develop and plan the implementation of feasible and concrete solid waste management pilot projects in four cities deriving from SWMP

Evaluation of gaps in the implementation of the national strategy and national plan on waste management in Albania

Albania is engaged in fulfilling the obligations under the EU Stabilisation and Association Agreement. In the area of environment, regarding waste management, the recent Progress Report of 2014 from the EC, assesses implementation of the national policy as having shortcomings; separated waste collection largely not established and low recycling rates are direct results of it. The very limited capacity of waste management authorities is one main cause defined in the Report. The financial situation of local governments in general, only recently restructured under the new administrative and territorial reform, is currently still weak. On this ground, the approximation of the EU legislation on waste management needs to be revised and improved. To this purpose, the National Strategy, the National Plan and the Law on waste management are the basic documents which may need revision and improvement, on account of shortcomings in implementation so far.

Elaboration of Local Development Operational Plans for newly established Local Government Units in Albania

The Urban Research Institute is focused on a cluster of four municipalities, located in the southeastern part of Albania: Maliq, Devoll, Kolonjë and Pustec. URI will analyze the existing strategic planning documents on the four municipalities, starting the preparation of the diagnosis of the socio-economic development situation of the areas, in compliance with the structure required from the MSLI. URI will make use of the ‘problem tree’ for assessing of the short-term problems and priorities in each of the municipalities. The development comparative advantages of each area will be assessed and translated into priorities that would be enlighten in the final document, the LDOP, after a series of forums and focus groups with the local stakeholders.

Sustainable Municipality Services (Solid Waste Management)

URI will establish an integrated solid waste management system in several municipalities and potentially over several phases (mid and long terms ambitious) to cover the territory of all Kosovo in accordance with local / national Waste Management Plan (s) and EU recycling targets (2020/2025). Pilot efforts shall combine implementation of various approaches and create the basis for expanding separation at source and differentiated collection system in Kosovo municipalities. From the other hand pilot efforts will serve as the bases for lessons learned for planning and implementation of the same approach in the municipalities involved in the project and potentially covering the whole territory of Kosovo.

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