Institutional Strengthen of Water Sector

Access to Water & Sewerage in the Informal urban Settlements & Rural Areas of five Albanian districts to include Saranda, Gjirokastra, Lezha, Pogradec and Vlora.

The objective of the project was the preparation of two studies in relation to access to water and sanitation: one the informal urban settlements of 5 Albanian cities, namely Saranda, Gjirokastra, Lezha, Pogradec, and Vlora and the other on the rural areas surrounding these cities.

Assessment of Access to water supply and wastewater system

Use and development of network capacity obtained during the second phase of the project on behalf informing citizens and different levels of government regarding the level and quality of service provision of drinking water and wastewater disposal. Updating and improving the database of the relevant authorities and giving priority to the most urgent problem solving by these authorities. Increase public information relating to the provision of these services by UK companies. Support and generalization of network expertise in evaluating the level of access of the population to the network of water supply and wastewater disposal as well as mapping the percentages of access to these services.

Establishment of a Monitoring and Evaluation system for Water Resources and Irrigation Project

The aim of this consultancy assignment is to develop a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system that will help assess whether the Project is achieving its intended objectives, is efficiently implemented and is reaching the intended target groups.

Albania Development Policy Operation 2: “Water Sector Implementation of Policy Note and Action Plan”

Review and improve on the existing standard Performance Agreement Model between a given utility, and the owners of the shares of the same utility. In doing so, the consultant will suggest, working closely with the other consultant to devise rules and regulations to institutionalize the implementation of Business Plans and Performance Agreements.

Institutional Strengthening of Water Supply and Wastewater Utility Enterprises in the Municipalities of Vlora and Gjirokaster

The scope of services provided by URI Consultants comprises the Financial Management , Support to Control of Leakage , Support to Dealing with illegal Connections, and asset management, including transfer of water properties to LG. units.

Study on the commercialization of water supply enterprises in Albania

Development of 5 year long term transformation of the enterprises to self-sufficient commercial utilities, improve management, restructure utility’s staff, institutional strengthening,