Good Governance

Local Governance Mapping

STAR2 project is developed in continuity of the results of its predecessor STAR as well as in complementarity with the assistance of various partners for strengthening the institutional and administrative capacities at local level. In full account of these considerations, STAR2 project will have a national coverage and benefit all 61 LGUs, with its assistance designed to unfold along three main components: 1. Strengthening institutional and administrative capacities of LGUs 2. Improving service delivery at LGU level 3. Increasing good governance through citizen oriented and meaningful participatory decision-making.

Strengthening rule of law,awareness and legal advice for registration of property rights in Pogradec District

The overall project goal targets assistance of citizens with information and awareness and legal aid for property rights and registration of property titles as a key element in regard with ensuring security of ownership titles, the right of property use in Albania.

Organization of the public events to increase participation of civil society in support of Territorial Administrative Reform

URI through UNDP has organized and led 12 public consultations in four regions of the country - Korca, Elbasan, Tirana and Durres, to discuss the two options to configure the mapping of Albania (with 39 or 49 Functional Area) approved by the special committee parliament in the framework of territorial administrative reform, in view of the implications that this reform will have on the provided services, and the quality of life of citizens in these areas. Participation in these meetings of civil society and other interested groups was about 561 people, of which 128 or 23% were female and 49 or 9% were young university students of the country.

Strengthening the Role of Civil Society in Promoting Good Governance Principles in the Fight against Corruption in Local Government Structures and Systems

This project was focused on strengthening CSO capacities in five small towns (Kamza, Shijak, Çorovodë, Përmet and Laç) to play an active role in advocating for the adoption of Good Governance principles by local government. It also encouraged CSO monitoring of government activities to reduce corruption via more transparent processes, and to influence the culture of public administration whereby corruption – including petty corruption – is deemed unacceptable.

Technical Assistance to the National Statistics Office (INSTAT) and its regional offices (

The context of this project is related to the fact that INSTAT is entering into an important and delicate phase of its institutional duties, with direct consequences on the credibility and EU compliance of the Albanian National Statistical system. The planned organization of the population and housing census in 2011, the agriculture census and the economic non-agriculture enterprises census, are going to be very important activities, having direct impact not only on INSTAT itself, but on the developing national statistical system and on the country as a whole. For the country as a whole, implementing a census allows the country to provide to its government and to international organizations a correct picture of itself, including a wealth of quality data for evidence based decision-making and for international comparison.

Training Design and Delivery on Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Tools for Public Policies

The scope of the project was To develop the Training Manual on Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation Tools for national and regional development policies documented in NSSED and RDSs and Based on this Manual, to provide 5 training sessions for civil society organizations (CSOs) on participatory monitoring and evaluation tools;

Preparatory phase of the “Settlement and Integrated Local Development” Regional Programme in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia (SILD)

The Government of Italy has has provided assistance for the Settlement and Integrated Local Development Regional Programme (SILD) that will build on concepts developed through the Serbian SIRP project on the social housing and local development planning sectors. SILD will be implemented simultaneously in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) and Serbia to support the development of institutions and capacities in the housing and local planning sectors in the specific context of each country but with common concepts mainly related to pre-integration to the European Union.

The Open Budget Index 2008 and 2009

International Budget Partnership collaborates with civil society around the world to use budget analysis and advocacy as a tool to enhance governance and reduce poverty. URI has been selected twice as the Albanian partner, in Open Budget Index 2008 and 2009 as one of civil society partners from around 85 countries under study.

Tirana Municipality Transparency Program

The program includes two components: Component I. Multi – service survey for the city of Tirana and establishment of an Information Centre in the Municipality of Tirana; Component II: Tirana Municipal Capacity Building.

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