Environmental and Tourism

Prespa Marketing Organisation for Regional Products

Creation of a Marketing Organisation (MO) for products of selected producer groups from Prespa National Park in Albania.

Best Practices of Recycling Through Volunteering

It was the projects aim not only to introduce the EU standards on recycling, but to also underline the importance that volunteering has in updating from current standards to EU standards, as well as the importance that it has on sustainable management of recycling.

Active Civil Society in Environmental Services Management

Promoting a network of organisations and joint local activity for a better management of environmental services in Albania

Development of Eco-tourism in the Region of Lezha (DETUREL)

Building a tourism concept, design an action plan for seasonal, ecological and sustainable tourism development and implement it in cooperation with local community and institutions. Development of health and safety standards for family tourism (Guesthouses), as well as intermediary stations for tourists that visit the area, through involving local resources and ensuring an active gender balanced participation and benefit. Include rural areas of Lezha region in the touristic offer of national and regional tour-operators and marketing of a new tourism destination

Biodiversity Conservation in Patok Lagoon, Ishëm and Mat River

The project will fulfill the goal by achieving three objectives which would also compose the three project components: 1. Assessment of the current biodiversity status and preparation of Integrated Watershed Management Plan of Ishëm and Mat River and Patok lagoon, 2. Implementation of best management practices to enhance biodiversity and to reduce its threats through development of rehabilitating initiatives 3. Raising awareness among stakeholders in order to ensure the sustainability of the conservation efforts.

Assessment of Civil Emergencies Management and Preparedness in Albania

Under the World Bank Perspective on Managing Natural Disasters in Europe, URI has prepared and delivered to World Bank a detailed report on the legal, institutional and operational status of Albanian organizations in facing and overcoming natural disasters.

Capacity Building for Sustainable Tourism Development, Korça district

The operative objective is building capacity to meet the following goals: - Promoting sustainable tourism development (STD) equal-ranking of ecological, social and economic goals and defining new ways to incorporate environmental protection. - To promote further development of SMEs in Tourism sector. - Promoting greater awareness among the actors operating in the implementation of the international environmental standards in Albania tourism sector. - Enhancing access to information on tourism matters.

Regional Environmental Advocacy, Action and Cohesion in Western Balkans (REA)

The “Regional Environmental Advocacy, Action and Cohesion in Western Balkans” project is a regional initiative, carried out in six Western Balkan countries (Montenegro, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania whereas Urban Research Institute is the National Partner) in order to raise awareness of decision makers and interest groups, that environmental issues and sustainable development are seen as priorities on their national agenda. The focus of the REA project is to increase the number of Parliament members motivated to improve national laws and policies for environmental initiatives and to increase the initiatives of Parliament members in the field of environment, etc.

Project of Integrated System of monitoring and Evaluation of NRDP

The Project of Natural Resources Development supported by the Albanian Government and financed by the World Bank, GEF and Sida, aims to develop the natural resources management based on the community in approximately 218 communes in remote and mountainous areas exposed toward the erosion, which will lead in revenue production growth from the resources management by the public sector. The project is composed of some main components and definite indicating objectives, which will be realized through years in accordance with the resoures and scheduled activities.

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