Decentralization Initiatives

Support to the Municipality of Kukës for the elaboration of Fiscal Package, Annual Budget and Medium Term Budget Program

The objective of the project is to assist Kukës Municipality in the elaboration of the medium term budget program based on the strategic planning documents, along with the preparation of the annual budget and the fiscal package.

Elaboration of Local Development Operational Plans for newly established Local Government Units in Albania

The Urban Research Institute is focused on a cluster of four municipalities, located in the southeastern part of Albania: Maliq, Devoll, Kolonjë and Pustec. URI will analyze the existing strategic planning documents on the four municipalities, starting the preparation of the diagnosis of the socio-economic development situation of the areas, in compliance with the structure required from the MSLI. URI will make use of the ‘problem tree’ for assessing of the short-term problems and priorities in each of the municipalities. The development comparative advantages of each area will be assessed and translated into priorities that would be enlighten in the final document, the LDOP, after a series of forums and focus groups with the local stakeholders.

Functional Area Program Malësi e Madhe

The purpose of the FAP is to assist the local governmental units to be merged into the functional area Malësi e Madhe in the preparation of a concept of the strategic development of the whole area. This document is to the benefit of the future local government for the purpose of further improving the living standards of the inhabitants.

Advocacy for more rural budget allocation- study research

The project aims at organizing an informative and support research for a rural budget increase and a better management of funds used at the rural sector. Provide a set of recommendations to improve the budget design and implementation in the rural areas.

Decentralization and Regional Development, Phase II

The main objective of the Project is to assist the Albanian Government to improve the service provision quality for the citizen by supporting the local government units in offering to citizen services of higher quality and lower cost in one side and on the other side, the increase of devolved competences to Regions from those Municipalities and Communes without adequate capacities both of human and financial resources.

Institutional Capacity Enhancement for a Reform of Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Albania

By means of this project, the Urban Research Institute aims at improving the system of local government finance, the fiscal autonomy and predictability of revenues.

Assessing the Implementation of the Decentralization Process in Albania

This project sought to increase the Elbasan’s local government’s capacity in accessing information for: The actual state of the services that the municipality offer. The public perception regarding these services. This information provided local government leaders with a better understanding of the current situation in Elbasan. The results of this study were valuable to be included in the local strategic plan.

Albanian Decentralization Initiative

Establishment of a sound and stable democratic system in Albania requires a more efficient and accountable governance. It requires a broad involvement of the citizens in the decision making process and implementation of jointly decided development programs. Many of local government leaders in Albania acknowledge the contribution of participation. Many leaders take their position with the best intentions of generating involvement of citizens. In this effort, many local officials find themselves with a shortage of tools for stimulating initial and continuing participation of citizens. The new public administration philosophy and approach aims not just to empower citizens but to do so actively with a variety of tools and methods. URI was engaged in the development and delivery of several trainings for applying tools and techniques on participation, through several components.

Strengthening of Decentralization and Local Governance in Albania

Long-term objective of this project aimed to improve governance at the local level. Better governed municipalities/communes will be able to shoulder new decentralized responsibilities, and this in turn will increase the prospects for enhanced economic development.

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