Asset Management

Asset Management Instruction at local level

This project is under the framework of improving the local governance in terms of asset management that is an important part of good local governing. LG units have start developing their own experience in asset management. This project assisted the municipality of Korca with to develop a PPP for land development and social housing purpose.

Improving financial management for the partner units of Intercooperation

Since 2000 there are a lot of reforms undertaken in Albania in public finance field. Transformation from a system where the local functions were not clear and most of the funds were secured through conditional grants that were quite under control, to a decentralized system where the local functions are more clear and local units have more autonomy and discretion.

Capital Investment Planning in Pogradec Municipality

This project is focused in improving local governance by improving local service delivery and increasing the social welfare for the citizens through better addressing the needs for capital investments in infrastructure that will facilitate the development of tourism in Pogradec municipality.

Designing a PPP Strategy for Korca Municipality

This project aimed improving local governance focused on better service delivery and increase the welfare at a large for its citizens through. City of Korca aimed to achieve this through improving the housing conditions of the families in need by using properly the municipal local assets that are recently to be transferred from the state to the ownership of the city, through developing a successful PPP.

Tirana Creditworthiness Enhancement Programme (CEP)

EBRD has launched the Tirana Creditworthiness Enhancement Programme (CEP) to provide the City of Tirana with technical assistance in the area of financial management. The project aims to generate a sufficient budget surplus, have sufficient money to make debt repayments and service the loan (including interest), and stabilize and maintain this situation for the loan repayment period. The Tirana Creditworthiness Enhancement Programme is in line with the fiscal decentralization framework of Albanian government while it is considered by the City of Tirana not only as a program of technical assistance in servicing the loan, but also as a program for strengthening the financial management capacity of the City of Tirana before entering into the internal and external financial markets

Market Assessment

The project for the Agricultural Services is financed from the World Bank and so far it’s in the half of its six years implementation period. The project’s objectives from various components include some sectors that aim to setup an environment that leads to rural revenue increase addressing main challenges that small Albanian farmers face in the agriculture produce, commerce and well-functioning of land market. URI’s undertook an evaluation that included the component for the markets and grants for the farmers.