About Us

 Who Are We?

The Urban Research Institute (URI) is a non-governmental organization based in Tirana. URI has an experience of more than 15 years in different areas such as trainings, studies, management and technical assistance projects implementation. The Urban Research Institute has an extensive experience with different donors, including: Swiss Cooperation, Netherlands Embassy, USAID, UNDP, World Bank, European Commission, SIDA, SOROS and other donors. In light of the nature of environmental damage, URI has stepped up as an actor that address the interconnected issues of the environment. URI deals with issues of the environment, including the depletion of natural resources, global warming and conservation.

The work of URI includes managing endangered land, performing field research, lobbying government institutions, and creating information campaigns to raise public awareness. URI works closely with the government to create environmentally-friendly policies. URI is also involved with work in development and human rights.


Some of the projects implemented lately were focused in:

  • Providing training and preparation of guides and manuals for various local government units in Albania in various fields such as community development, civic participation, strategic planning and participatory budgeting;
  • Moderation of discussions and strategies in the field of decentralization, assistance in policy making at central and local levels in Albania;
  • Measuring performance indicators in the provision of public services, community assessment for infrastructure projects, evaluation and categorization of school conditions and standards for the design of educational facilities of some public services;
  • Creating anti-corruption programs in different municipalities, standardization of procedures, establishment of information centers and information exchange between citizens and municipalities.
  • Active participation as members of the environmental movement, which raises the awareness of citizens about their right to a healthy environment and better economic and social standards, based on dialogue and partnership.


Our office staff enjoys good and consolidated reputation in the community development field in Albania. At the same time, URI collaborates with a wide spectrum of experts in various fields according to the requirements of specific projects. If you want to discuss options with us or to learn more about our organization please do not hesitate to contact us.


URI is also part of the National Council of European Integration in Albania. URI is supporting partner at ENergies for Local Administration to Renovate Governance in Europe (http://www.enlarge-project.eu)


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