Welcome to the Urban Research Institute

The Urban Research Institute (URI) is a Non-profit Organization based in Tirana, founded in 1999. The organization is created by a joint group of professionals. Its highest forum is the Board of Trustees, represented by the executive director. URI employs a highly prepared permanent staff and hires part time professionals in response with its mission and objectives detailed under the Scope of Services and to the level of knowledge and competence as it is specifically required by its clients. Each individual or group of professional’s part of the URIs staff, is committed to prepare project proposals, conduct research, develop analysis and propose solutions.
URIs general management philosophy is motivated by the emphasis and encouragement of the decentralization of responsibilities, authority and accountability of its members and personnel.

Capacity Building


Over the years during which URI has worked on a large number of projects, trainings have been used as a powerful tool to achieve the objectives of the projects. Some of the main trainings can be found in this page.



You can find URI’s latest activities and events published in the blog which is frequently updated.

Publications / Studies


During its long years of experience, the URI has published a considerable number of materials in the forms of: Modules, Manuals, Projects, Guidelines and Reports.



A detailed list of all the projects that URI has implemented during it’s more than 15 years of experience can be found in this section.